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You have already decided to set up a Structure in the Emirates and have already received offers from one or various Service Providers? Now, of course, the question for you is, how serious and transparent the Provider and the Proposal are. Evaluating them on your own is almost impossible. So, let us assist you!

Let us advise you - honestly, seriously and with complete Transparence!

We will send you our Analysis of the respective Proposal: This includes our Assessment of the seriousness of the Provider, the Quality of his Advice, Cost Analysis of his Offer including the transparent presentation of the actual costs of the Authorities incurred and his Fees.

In addition, we will give you our Assessment of the actual usability of the offered Structure. There are 40 Free Zones in the Emirates plus different types of companies. Not every Company is equally usable in the market. Not every Bank will give you a Bank Account. And not every Transaction is completely tax-free. What do you need to pay attention to, so that you do not burn your money.

Use us as your Gateway to the Emirates: Arrange your FREE CONFERENCE CALL below.

Just put in your Contact Details and attach the Papers to be reviewed!

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