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"Dubai Check" is a range of services offered by two Company Groups: The EAGLE Group in Germany and the BRIDGE TO SUCCESS Group in the Emirates. The Managing Director of both Groups is Daniel ten Brinke, who is without a doubt one of the World's most renowned Experts in the field of International Business Development.

Daniel ten Brinke is the only certified and licensed Expert in Europe in the field of Emigration Consulting from Germany to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is officially certified by the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) of Germany.

Prior to this Certification, a detailed expert knowledge and reliability test was carried out by the BVA, which Mr. ten Brinke passed with first-class results.

However, this was not a Surprise: After completing his Law Degree in Marburg, he was a Delegate to the United Nations in New York, USA for the establishment of the International Criminal Court and an employee of the American Consulate General in Düsseldorf, Germany. Then, 15 years ago, he founded his first own companies in Germany, China and the UAE.

He is currently President of the "Federal Association for Emigration Advice and Foreign Trade Promotion" in Berlin, Organizer of the "Exchange of Excellence" Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi and Initiator of the UAE Business Academy.

Let us advise you: Honestly, seriously, free of charge and of course completely without any obligation!

We are not interested in selling or founding senseless junk companies! It is about the development of real potentials with Structures that effectively help you to develop your Potentials. You cannot enter to the market (neither in the Emirates or worldwide) with any cheap company. You will not get a Bank Account in every Bank and you will not be able to use the Tax Exemption of the Emirates in every Constellation.

BUT: It is possible, if the Analysis is right at the Beginning. And after that, we will gladly take care of Everything: The Company Formation, Visa Applications, Opening Bank Accounts and Arranging the right Insurances for you. Transparent & reliable!

Use us as your Gateway to the Emirates: Arrange your FREE CONFERENCE CALL below.

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