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Should you - correctly - perceive the Emirates as a great opportunity for your Business and want to implement or scale it with Arab partners, you will get in-depth information here ("How to do Buisiness in the U.A.E.").

Take advantage of our Free Video Workshop from our U.A.E. Business Academy in the Emirates for the best results on the ground.

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In the following Categories we try to answer the most frequently asked questions that we have encountered again and again in the course of our ten years of Business in the Emirates. Benefit from our experience! It will save you a lot of money!

  • Why are you "officially licensed" by the German Government and what does that mean?
    We are the only Agency in the World officially licensed by the German Government as an Emigration Consultant. In order to do so, one must provide proof of expertise. Similar to a tax consultant or lawyer, you have to prove that you are familiar with the relevant legal norms in Germany and the United Arab Emirates. Daniel ten Brinke, our CEO, has a Law Degree in Germany and at the same time has been doing Business in the United Arab Emirates for more than 10 Years. He advises in the field of Project and Company Financing, but also helps with Company Set-Ups and active Business Initiation. He is also the Organizer of the Investors Congress "Exchange of Excellence" of the Bridge to Success Group ( in Abu Dhabi and Initiator of the UAE Business Academy ( . Thereby, he could prove this Expertise and sufficient Experience for the German Government.
  • Who or what is „Dubai Check“?
    "Dubai Check" is a range of Services offered by two Company Groups: The EAGLE Group in Germany and the BRIDGE TO SUCCESS Group in the Emirates. The Managing Director of both Groups is Daniel ten Brinke, who is without a doubt one of the World's most renowned Experts in the field of International Business Development. ​ Daniel ten Brinke is the only certified and licensed Expert in Europe in the field of Emigration Consulting from Germany to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is officially certified by the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) of Germany. Prior to this Certification, a detailed expert knowledge and reliability test was carried out by the BVA, which Mr. ten Brinke passed with first-class results. ​ However, this was not a Surprise: After completing his Law Degree in Marburg, he was a Delegate to the United Nations in New York, USA for the establishment of the International Criminal Court and an employee of the American Consulate General in Düsseldorf, Germany. Then, 15 years ago, he founded his first own companies in Germany, China and the UAE. ​ He is currently President of the "Federal Association for Emigration Advice and Foreign Trade Promotion" in Berlin, Organizer of the "Exchange of Excellence" Investors Congress in Abu Dhabi and Initiator of the UAE Business Academy.
  • What is the Motivation of „Dubai Check“?
    Don't trust fake Rolex watches, or alleged "Trust Pilot" reviews! Dubai is the city of opportunities - but also the city of broken promises! Dubai Check was born out of the motivation to introduce to you a provider and a third-party offer checker who seriously and honestly filters out alleged fortune seekers and scammers. For years, we have been annoyed by the theses of these scammers who blather on about flat 0% taxation or offer free trips to set up a company. These are mostly only about quick money for the foundation of worthless company constructs, which are worthless in the best case. In the worst case they advise you to tax evasion, which is punishable everywhere in the world. Also in Dubai! We want to oppose this. We are the only Company in Germany who received the permission from the German Federal Administration to give Emigration Advice in the direction to the Emirates. We want to work to ensure that Dubai retains its excellent Reputation and offers absolute Advantages as a Business Lighthouse. We would like to highlight these and work them out to suit your case, which can certainly lead to sensible and legal tax avoidance, but if you are looking for help with tax evasion, you should rather turn to the scammers and fortune seekers - and prepare for prison.
  • Why are most so-called "Service Providers" for Company Set-Ups in Dubai not located in Germany?
    Emigration Consulting was punishable in Germany until 1997. After that, it was allowed, but subject to very strict Rules. Similar to an Insurance or Investment Advisor, Candidates must prove their expertise, reliability and years of experience. Most providers do not want (or simply do not have the qualification) to undergo this examination. De facto, however, they are acting illegally according to German law. Every single case of consulting (without having the license) can be punished by law with a fine of up to 20.000,00 Euro. The providers of DUBAI CHECK are based in Germany. We have nothing to hide and are the only ones in Germany officially licensed as emigration consultants for the Emirates! We have partners in Dubai and companies in Dubai ourselves, but if you want to have the security of a German partner, you can use us. Furthermore, the field of emigration consulting is strictly regulated and none of the Emirates based companies are formally authorized to provide this service in Germany. It is like running a bank without having the authorization to do so. We are aware of this responsibility and are the only company in Germany to have met these requirements!
  • What Types of Companies exist in Dubai and in the Emirates?
    A basic distinction is made between so-called onshore (or mainland) and offshore (or free zone) companies. The criterion is the place of incorporation, as this can be used to draw various conclusions. Onshore or Mainland Companies are mostly found in the form of Limited Liability Companies (LLC) or Public Limited Companies (PLC), which are based on the Anglo-American legal forms and are generally known. Free Zone Companies (Free Zone Entities - "FZE "s or "Free Zone Companies - "FZC "s) are those incorporated in one of the over 40 different Free Zones in the Emirates. In principle, the Free Zones are considered "extraterritorial in the economic sense". They belong to the national territory of the Emirates, but not to the economic area. Make sure in advance whether a so-called FZE or FZC makes sense for you, because the company abbreviation indicates little capital (similar to a German UG or English Ltd.) and is practically unknown in international business transactions. Therefore, it is virtually useless here.
  • What is the difference between a FreeZone and a Mainland Company in Dubai and the Emirates?
    In the past, the difference was very strict: a Free Zone company could do business anywhere in the world, but not in the UAE. This meant that those who wanted to distribute their own goods or offer services in the UAE needed a mainland company. At the same time, FZEs could be 100% owned by foreigners, while mainland companies had to be at least 51% owned by an Arab local. These two regulations have now been softened significantly over the past few months in order to attract more business to the UAE. Today, the question of setting up a company is more about strategic issues, because for example many FZEs (depending on the business field) are exempt from VAT (5% Value Added Tax - VAT). This can be worthwhile!
  • What do FZE and FZC mean in Dubai and the Emirates? Why do we strictly oppose this?
    Free Zone Companies are very often divided into so called Free Zone Entities ("FZE" - only one Shareholder) or Free Zone Companies ("FZC" - more than one Shareholder) are the abbreviations behind the company names - like "Smith LLC". The only problem is that of course nobody in Europe, the USA or elsewhere knows FZE (sometimes also in connection with Limited Liability Company as "FZE LLC"). So, from our point of view, these are absolutely unsuitable for international business transactions! Therefore, we only coorperate with FreeZones that can establisch a classic "LCC", this form is internationally well-known and recognized as these are well known in the Anglo-American environment. And by the way, you cannot differ between a FreeZone and Mainland Company anymore by the Company Name!
  • How much is the paid-in capital of Free Zone companies in the Emirates and when does this have to be paid in?
    The share capital of Companies in the UAE varies. The standard case is AED 100,000.00, (about 25,000.00 EUR/USD). More importantly, however, it is irrelevant - quite unlike in Germany - for the formation of the company whether and when this money is paid in. It is therefore not queried before during or after the formation whether this money has ever been deposited in the company account.
  • Are there really NO TAXES in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    This statement on its own is simply NONSENSE! The best example is the VAT of 5%, which every citizen as well as companies have to pay on almost all goods and services. You have to pay the tax and that's it. Basically, it is correct that there is currently no a personal income tax. Since June 2023, a Corporate Tax of 9% has been established – but only for companies which make more than 400,000.00 AED (100,000.00 EUR/USD) Profit. There are also some Exemptions for Free Zone Entities depending on the Field of Action! For questions regarding, both German and Emirati tax advisors are available in our network. We explicitly give neither legal nor tax advice.
  • Am I the sole owner of the company in Dubai? And does that make sense?
    This is possible without any problems with the Free Zone Companies. Since the Beginning of last year, is also possible with mainland companies, but it is not always advisable. If you want to do "Real Business" in the Emirates, the most important question is who introduced you to the Market. If you want to approach Investors, like the big Sovereign Funds, Family Offices or Governmental Institutions like Ministries or the Real Estate Companies like EMAAR, you will have to look for a local Partner. We are happy to give advice on this and can also arrange suitable Strategic Partners.
  • Which is the best FreeZone in the Emirates? Which one should I choose?
    This question is not so easy to answer. Different FreeZones focus on different topics (e.g. media) and offer different Services & Support and types of Companies to establish. It would be absolutely dishonest to recommend or even talk you into something. There are many victims who pay a lot of money to set up a company and then find themselves with a company shell they can't do anything with - some FZEs cannot even get a Bank Account! We will be happy to discuss with you in detail what makes sense in your Case (whether Mainland or FreeZone) and which FreeZone to choose. Because every FreeZone has its individual Reputation and also Intention: Some want to manage only "Micro Companies" and Visas. Some are directly subordinate to the Government and can actually and effectively help you in your own Business, especially with Investors. You really have to be careful here! The wrong FreeZone can ruin your entire Start.
  • What does a FreeZone Company cost in Dubai and in the Emirates?
    The costs range from 500,00 Euro to 10.000,00 Euro (License & Establishment Costs for one Year). The range is huge and depends largely on the purpose of the future company, duration and type of license, number of visas, etc. and especially how much Free Zone Support you want (see also the question "What is the best Free Zone?"). Here you can quickly burn an insane amount of money. You need the best advice and our experience. Do not let yourself be talked into anything stupid here. The problems come afterwards. The Set-Up is always quick! The money is gone and then the problems start to occur! Please use the chance of our free and non-binding Conference Call with our CEO – a unique Opportunity to save money!
  • Is the List of Shareholders of Companies in Dubai & the UAE public?
    This question is handled differently: In many FreeZones and with Mainland Companies the shareholder lists are strictly confidential. In some Free Zones however, it is optional and at some they are free to view. This is different with the Managing Directors. These are often publicly viewable. However, trustees or managing directors can of course be appointed here. We will be happy to help you with this.
  • What does a company license, the so-called "License" mean in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    In the Emirates, the license is equivalent to the establishment of the company. The License specifies the Business Purpose. Caution is required here, as some areas (such as insurance, finance and banking or legal advice) are also subject to special requirements like anywhere else in the World and cannot simply be registered. Proof of Expertise and formal licensing requirements must be met. Most company formations, however, are based on "Business Consulting", which, as in Europe, is unfortunately not restricted and can be registered without any problems.
  • What does "Visa" or "Residence Visa" in Dubai or in the Emirates mean?
    "Residence Visa" (in the following: Visa) means a permanent work and residence permit in the Emirates. You are allowed to stay as long as you want and to pursue a regular job there. It does not mean that you lose your primary residence or that you lose your citizenship.
  • How to get a Visa in Dubai and the Emirates?
    The employer usually applies for this at the Immigration Office for his employees. But, there are special possibilities, such as FreeLancer Visas or Investor Visas, which can also be applied for by your own (FreeZone) Company. To get such a Visa, a strictly formal procedure is necessary. You have to enter the country with a special Visa (no tourist visa!).
  • What is the Application Procedure for a Visa in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    First of all, you need your own company or a local employer to apply for the Visa. If your own company does this, you have to apply for a special "Residence Application Visa" at the FreeZone (about 2 - 3 weeks before the Trip for the Health Test) and then enter the country only with it to pass the health tests. Important: Do NOT use a regular Tourist Visa! With a Tourist Visa you will not be able to do the Health Tests. When you have entered the country, the first way leads to yourFreeZone. They will take your Passport for the "Stamping". Then you move to the Underwriting Office, where the application must be formally filled out. After that the Health Tests follow and finally all documents are submitted to the FreeZone. This usually takes 48 - 72 hours to apply for the Visa at the Immigration Office and the Stamping to the Passport. The Residence ID Card (comparable to the German identity card) is then ready 4 - 6 weeks later and can be picked up at the FreeZone or at the Post Office. Of course, you do not have to do all this work on your own. We will be happy to accompany you and make sure that all procedures and preparations are followed exactly!
  • What is part of the Health Examination for a Visa in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    This Examination will be done within two hours: You have to give a blood test (HIV test) and an X-ray of the lungs (TBC). After that, you will receive the result by email for forwarding to the Authorities.
  • Do I have to live permanently in Dubai if I have a Company or a Visa for Dubai?
    No, you do not have to. It is enough to enter the Emirates every six months to keep a resident status. No matter how long yo stay, you will keep your Residence Status.
  • Will I remain an e.g. "German Citizen" after I became a "Resident" in Dubai?
    Absolutely. You will keep your Citizenship! You can hardly ever obtain Emirati citizenship (unlike in the USA, for example). Even if you live there and have children there, they remain German or the rules are based on your country of origin.
  • Will my Primary Residence Address change if I become a Resident of Dubai or the Emirates?
    The same applies here as for Citizenship. In principle, your primary residence address does not change automatically just because you become a resident. Your primary residence remains the same until you officially deregister in your home country. However, this is not so easy, especially when it comes to the tax assessment! For this, it is urgent to contact your own tax advisor in advance (if necessary, we can also gladly establish contact).
  • Do I no longer have to pay Taxes in my Home Country if I am just a Resident in Dubai?
    This question is often asked and even more often answered incorrectly: Only the Residency Status does not initially change the tax liability in your Home Country! There are a number of points to consider here, such as the world income principle. Get in touch with us for further information! For German Citizens here are two initial Links:
  • How long is a Visa valid in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    Since the beginning of last year, the FreeZone Visas are in general limited to a maximum of two years. For mainland companies this can vary and then there are special cases, such as the Golden Visa, which can be valid for 10 years. However, we strongly advise you to apply for the two-year visa first, because it gives you the opportunity to evaluate and is a good period to get to know the Emirates.
  • How many Visas can my Company in Dubai issue?
    This varies depending on the Company. FreeZones start with a single visa and usually offer a maximum of 10 Visa Options. This does not include family members, who can apply directly for so-called Sponsorship Visas. Mainland Companies are usually not limited - depending on the Business Field of Action.
  • Can my Family Members also get Visas via my Company in Dubai?
    Yes, this is defenitely possible. Depending on the FreeZones, these are individual Visas or (in the better case, because it is cheaper) so-called Sponsorship Visas - but this only applies in a direct line, for spouses and children.
  • How do I get a Bank Account in Dubai or in the Emirates?
    Your Service Provider or Free Zone must take care of this. If you choose us, we definetely we will - and you do not have to worry! This is important, because very few banks want to work with newly established FreeZones. There are only 2 - 3 banks that are happy to take this on. The requirements for compliance and KYC checks are also extremely varied: Opening then takes between three days and three months. We would be happy to advise you extensively on these issues, as the ability of your structure to work depends crucially on this.
  • What are the Requirements and Costs of a Bank Account in Dubai?
    For Corporate Accounts, a separate Company is logically required first. This is followed by compliance and KYC checks of the owner(s). Details of the company's purpose are required. Personal authentication can certainly be done digitally. Here it is absolutely worth comparing the services of the FreeZones. Some are very motivated here. Others, however, support as good as not at all! The costs are extremely different and start at 100,00 AED up to 500,00 - 1.000,00 AED per month. Please let us advise you here in detail.
  • What is Islamic or Sharia Banking?
    Most banks in the Emirates are governed by Sharia principles. This means that processes are different than in Europe or the USA. This is due, for example, to the ban on interest in Sharia, which prohibits earning money with money. Even if banks in the Emirates are offered in a similar way to those in Europe, you should find out more about Sharia Banking in advance.
  • I lost Money in Dubai or I feel cheated in Dubai. What can I do in Case of Fraud?
    We do not give any legal advice at this point. But let this be said: The Emirates are definitely NOT AN ILLEGAL AREA! In the past, we have often been able to recover money for our Clients through our network of Lawyers that seemed to have already been lost. Even if you have the feeling that the people you gave the money to are unassailable because they are based in the Emirates, please do not let this unsettle you. Get our help and of our lawyers. You will see how quickly the tide can turn when the right local attorneys are there for you. You, we and our network of lawyers have the same interest here. Namely to clean Dubai from the scammers!
  • If I have a Claim in Dubai, what is the next step?
    First, we start the Conversation with you and then we will first look at the case together and check it for pure plausibility, without giving legal advice. Then, we would bring you together with our network of Lawyers and after you have given a mandate there, they will take over your Representation on site and fight for you. Always keep in mind, that Dubai is definitely NOT AN ILLEGAL SPACE! If you have actually been cheated, this is also a criminal offense in the Emirates. That will not matter to the people on site there. Let us help you, to get you Money back!
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