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Everyone is talking about Dubai at the moment and it feels like everyone is flying there . At the same time, dozens of so-called "Consultants" tell you that you are stupid if you pay any taxes at all in Europe, the U.S. or anywhere else in the World. "How can you be so stupid?" is permanently suggested to you. 

But: At the same time, of course, you have reservations. And that is correct and comprehensible! Because there are a lot of black sheep who want nothing more than to talk you into the cheapest company constructions, with which you can do nothing or only little - gladly in a coded way and distorted in connection with travel expenses.

We would like really to assist you: Our 10 years of experience in Business and Investment Consulting between Europe, the USA and the Emirates provide the solid Basis to really show you the potentials for your individual Situation, but also to inform you about possible risks.

Let us advise you: Honestly, seriously, free of charge and of course completely without any obligation!

We are not interested in selling or founding senseless junk companies! It is about the development of real potentials with Structures that effectively help you to develop your Potentials. You cannot enter to the market (neither in the Emirates or worldwide) with any cheap company. You will not get a Bank Account in every Bank and you will not be able to use the Tax Exemption of the Emirates in every Constellation.

BUT: It is possible, if the Analysis is right at the Beginning. And after that, we will gladly take care of Everything: The Company Formation, Visa Applications, Opening Bank Accounts and Arranging the right Insurances for you. Transparent & reliable!

Use us as your Gateway to the Emirates: Arrange your FREE CONFERENCE CALL below.

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