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The third Check, we offer you is for the Worst Case Scenario: You have spent your Money, received bad Advice, received no or only poor Service in return, and are now frustrated and angry. What now?

The Emirates are definitely NOT a law-free Zone. This means that Fraud is just as punishable there, as it is in Europe or the USA. Most people just do not know how to approach the black sheep. You might get the feeling that they seem to be untouchable. They are definitely not!

We have repeatedly recovered payments by our customers to such Black Sheep in recent years. This is not necessarily always easy, but it is possible. We ourselves do not give legal advice here. But we have an excellent Lawyers Network in Europe - and of course especially in the Emirates, which is specialized in this field. With them as your Partners, you will be powerful in the Emirates to enforce your interest.

Most of the "Consultants" give advice without having the necessary Licenses. This makes them vulnerable, as every single action can result in an individual penalty of up to USD 20.000,00 - also individually against the respective Managing Director. After all, these people want to return to Europe or the U.S. at some point. This is leverage.

We have the same interest here like you have: We want to eliminate the Black Sheep for ever! They ruin the reputation of this wonderful country and make it increasingly difficult for serious Companies like us to seriously explain the Opportunities and risks by pulling Money out of people's pockets with the wildest promises.

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