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Your Experts for Company Set Ups, Business Initiation, Visa Applications, and Support in Fraud Cases in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai is the city of countless Opportunities - but also the City of broken Promises!

We are the only Emigration Consultant worldwide, which is officially licensed by the German Govenment for Emigration Support to the United Arab Emirates!

Dubai Check was developed with the Motivation to protect you in the beautiful City and to initiate a reputable provider and - finally - an independent Examiner and Reviewer of third party proposals, who seriously and honestly filters out alleged fortune seekers for you.

You will find more Information HERE or in the FAQs!

CHECK 1 = Analysis of your own Potential

You are considering whether a move to the Emirates is worthwhile and you would like to receive serious advice that informs you honestly, free of charge and without obligation about the great potentials, but also potential risks.
We will be happy to take care of C
ompany Formation, Visa Applications, opening Bank Accounts, Insurance Issues or Real Estate Brokerage for you.
All from one Provider - serious and 100% reliable!

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CHECK 2 = Review of Third-Party Proposals

Transparency is most important! You have already received an offer for a company formation or any other Service from a third-party provider, but you do not know whether this provider is reputable, nor whether the offer is appropriate or overpriced: In that Case, feel invited to send all documents to us. We will check the Provider and create total Cost Transparency!

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CHECK 3 = Assistance in Cases of Fraud

There are many black sheep who take money for bad services or wrong advice. If you have lost money in the Emirates, we will be happy to have the matter checked by our German and Emirati Network of Lawyers.

The Emirates are not a legal Vacuum. We will help you to enforce your Rights!

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Dubai and the United Arab Emirates offer countless Opportunities and a magnificent Base for your Business: Over 200 Nationalities in one City - that is unique! In addition, compared to many States there, you have the great Advantage of Tax Exemption in many Business Models - both in terms of personal and corporate taxation.

You have already read this and wonder every day if there is not a huge business opportunity passing you by. But the problem is that it sounds too good to be true and that there are many Black Sheep among the so-called "Service Providers" for Company Formations who demand a lot of money for little Service and no substantial Advice up front.

We will put Light into the Darkness! We help you to evaluate reasonably whether time, effort and costs are really worthwhile for you. We are also happy to check the offers of third-party providers for seriousness and transparency. And if you have already lost money in Dubai, we will gladly refer you to our teams of lawyers in Germany and the UAE.

Our Motivation for this mission is simply our Love for this great Country, where we ourselves have found our professional home for almost 10 years. But: The Simplification of Procedures and the rip-off by low performers are visibly ruining the Reputation of Dubai. We have made it our Business to oppose this!

We would like to help you to explore the enormous Opportunities Dubai offers in Peace and quiet and then gladly take care of all formal Issues for you, such as Company Formation, Bank Accounts, Visa Applications, Health Insurance, etc.


We have been active in the United Arab Emirates for 10 years. We organize our own Investors Congress "Exchange of Excellence" in Abu Dhabi and offer our own U.A.E. Business Academy to help our Clients develop actual Business in the UAE. We are very proud to present you a Selection of References.




18th St - Al Marina - Marina Village

Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 - 50 - 136 16 76

Postfach 20 01 01

40210 Mettmann - Germany

Tel: +49 - (0)2104 -790894 - 0

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